Source 6

A telegram from Lisbon to the Foreign Office, 20 August 1944. Catalogue ref: FO 916/847

[The text of this telegram must first be paraphrased if communicated to persons outside British or United States Government service or if retransmitted in a cypher system other than O.T.P.


[CYPHER]  (code)                                                              DEPARTMENTAL NO. 2





Sir R. Campbell

No. 210 SAVING                                                                             D. 20th August, 1944

20th August 1944                                                                             R. 6.00pm 26th August 1944


Repeated to Algiers No. 1



n           n         n


My telegram No.202 Saving (not to Algiers or Casablanca)


The following is a list of the persons who arrived from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and who have now left for North Africa.



Head of Family                                                                   Number of persons in Family

Gerli, Azra                                                                                               7

Burbea, Uasi                                                                                           5

Labi, Musci                                                                                             5

Labi, Mezzala                                                                                         6

Reginiano, Bercana                                                                               2

Reginiano, Ghibri                                                                                   6

Reginiano, Vittorio                                                                                 6

Reginiano, Saul                                                                                    10

Reginiano, Raffaello                                                                              2

Reginiano, Ester                                                                                    1

Reginiano, Hammus                                                                             1

Bengiamin, Rachele                                                                              3

Bengiamin, Smeralda                                                                            4

Bengiamin, Tita                                                                                      4

Reginiano, Buba                                                                                    1

Burbea, Zula                                                                                           1

Labi, Loris                                                                                               1

Buaron, Mezzala                                                                                    2

Roe, Clara                                                                                              1


TOTAL   68


A further report by the official with regard to the location of the camp as follows:-


The exact location of this camp is difficult to fix from the information available. It is evidently in the Luneburger Heide, in a sparsley populated area. The Jews from Benghasi did not know precisely where they were taken to. They arrived at the camp by lorry. The postal address is “bei-Celle, Hanover”. The distances by road are;


Hanover to Celle   38 Kilometres

Celle to Bergen 24 kilometres

Bergen to Hamburg 101 kilometres



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6. Read Source 6. This is a telegram from Lisbon to the Foreign Office, 20 August 1944.

  • What type of document is this?
  • What are the key features of this type of source?
  • Who is from?
  • Who is it sent to?
  • What does it say?
  • Why do think the camp is situated in ‘a sparsley populated area’?
  • The date of this source is August 1944, before the camp was liberated in April 1945. What does the source reveal?