Street directory Lister street 1921


Street Directory

1 “Lansdowne House” Major-Gen. Charles FitzGerald
2 & 3 “Polmenna” Miss Tweedy
4 Fred J.Bowles, J.P
5 “Simla” Mrs Dash, furnished apartments
6 “Palermo Villa” Mrs P.W Williams
7 “Maderia Villa”, T.J Whitford, boot and shoe repairer, etc.; Mrs T.J Whitford, furnished apartments
8 Miss A. Treweeke
9 “Glyn Garth,” Charles Rusden, J.P
10 “Cromwell Cottage,” Mrs M.Olsen; Gordon Pearce, forage merchant (W.Pearce & Sons)
11 “Tranak,” Miss R. Tonkin
12 Mrs W.H Williams
13 “Belgrano,” E. Rooney, master mariner
14 “Inglefield,” Captain E.J.K. Nicholls, dock master
15 Charles B.Scott
16 “The Hollies” J.Cockburn, coppersmith

(Back of Killigrew Street)
1 Thomas William Harris, labourer William John Horton, labourer G.W.Belletti (bakehouse)
3 William J.Burley, mason; Miss C.Roberts. R.Smale & Son, furniture dealers (storerooms)
4 Mrs M. E. Bishop F Nicholls, dairyman (stables)

LISTER STREET (south side).
(Near Albany Road).
1 A. J. Slade, boiler maker; Howard Slade, plumber
3 James Pascoe, gardener
5 James Rowe, labourer; William Stanley Rowe, labourer

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Source Four- Street directory Lister street 1921 (people’s names and jobs)

  • Can you find a member of the family on this record? What do you learn about jobs in Falmouth?