Hyndburn Park Primary Log Book 1921


[Stamped] 195

Feb 22 Headmaster left school at 3.10pm to attend mtg of school libraries committee
Feb 23 Mr Livesey away sick
Feb 25 (illegible) half holiday (attendance)
Mar 4 Miss Crellin away. Sick ½ day
Mar 9 Mr Thomas called to make enquiries as to the conduct of physical drill and games.
Mar 11 Mrs Donaldson left at 11 ill.
Mar 14 Mr Airey returned to duty. Absent 12 ½ days.
Mar 22 Checked registration
Mar 24 Thursday afternoon. Attendance half holiday. Closed 12 o noon for above and Easter holiday.
Apr 4 School reopened after usual Easter holiday
Apr 8 Partial eclipse of sun from 8.40 to about 11 . Maximum phase 9.48. Children assembled in playground from 9.40 to 10.0 with coloured and smoked glasses, pinhole cards etc to view same. One of the planets (Venus) perfectly visible to the naked eye. Lessons on eclipse to be given to upper classes.

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Source Four- Hyndburn Park Log Book- Lancashire Archives (SMAC 11)

  • What does this show about school in the 1920s?