38 Park Road, 1921 census record



1921 Census record:
Name and Surname Relationship to Head of Household Age Sex Marriage or Orphanhood Birthplace and Nationality Personal Occupation Employment Place of Work
Charles Hansford Head 56 M Married Fulham London Joiner and Builder Messers Steiner & Co Cotton Print Works Foxhill Bank Oswaldtwistle
Elizabeth Mary Hansford Wife 46 F Married Lancashire Blackburn Home Duties [Blank] [Blank]
Flora Hansford Daughter 24 F Single Blackburn Elementary School Teacher Accrington Education Authority Hyndburn Park Council School
Arthur Friend Visitor 43 M Married Bacup Ex Serviceman – unemployed [Blank] [Blank]


Males Females Persons Rooms
2 2 4 6

I declare that this Schedule is correctly filled up to the best of my knowledge and belief

[signed] Charles Hansford


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  1. Look at Source One and answer these questions.

Source one- 1921 Census record- The National Archives (RG15/20131)

  • What type of company does Charles work for?
  • Who is doing the job ‘home duties’? Why do you think house work takes a long time?
  • What school subjects do you think Flora teaches?
  • What else can you learn about this family?
  1. What questions do you have about this family that are not answered by the census record? Write these down and keep them.