Trade directory for Wakefield 1927


Directory.] West Riding Yorkshire. Wakefield. 1015

Wharton Arthur Ltd, canal carriers (Ernest Hough mngr), 2a Bridge st
Whitaker Geo. Owen, city accountant, Town hall, Wood St
Whitaker Percy, hairdrssr, 126a, Alverthorpe rd
White Edward & Sons Lrd, brush mfrs. 6, 8 & 10 Almshouse la. (TN 460) & Teall st. & paper bag makers. 2 Brook st
White Archbld. A piano tuner, 100 Stanley rd
White Fredk confectioner. 177 Westgate
White Hy. Who. Mer. 3 Southgate. TN 288
White Jn. Wilfrid, hosier, 32 Kirkgate
White Margt. A (Mrs), draper, 13 Bridge st
White Sarah Jane (Mrs), dress maker, 100 Stanley rd
Whitehead Bros, coal dlrs. 75 Horbury rd
Whitehead Ernest, cabnt mkr. See Armitage and Whitehead
Whitehead Sylvester, confectnr. 177a Thornes La
Whiteley Lewis, shopkeeper, 37 Warrengate
Whiteley Luther, saddler, 238 Kirkgate
Whiteley Walt, statnr. 47 Northgate
Whittam James, shopkeeper, 68 Thornes Lane wharf
Whittingstall Frank, grocer, Doncaster road
Whitton William, grease manufacturer, Navigation yard, Kirkgate. TN 575
Whone Harold, cycle dir. Doncaster rd. Belle Vue. TN 621
Wigglesworth, Ellen (Mrs) & Margt (Miss), shopkeepers. 19 Savile St
Wigglesworth & Wilsdon, tailors, Jackson’s arcade

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  1. Study Sources Two to Four and answer these questions.

Source Two- Trade directory for Wakefield (list of names and jobs) 1927

  • Can you find James Whittam on the list? What can you learn about other jobs in Wakefield?