68 Thornes Lane Wharf, 1921 Census Record



1921 Census record:
Name and Surname Relationship to Head of Household Age Sex Marriage or Orphanhood Birthplace and Nationality School Personal Occupation Employment Place of Work
James Whittam Head 54 M Married Wakefield [Blank] Fireman Electric Light Co.

No occupation – blind

Wakefield Corporation.

Out of work.

Emily Whittam Wife 55 F Married Wakefield [Blank] Shopkeeper Grocer and Provision dealer Own account [Blank]
Alfred Whittam Son 20 M Married Wakefield [Blank] Labourer

Tram company

Tram company Tramway company Barnsley road
Ethel Whittam Daughter 17 F Single Wakefield [Blank] Woolen Reeler Baldwins and sons Worsted Mill Tootal street, Bridge end
Louisa Whittam Daughter-in-law 20 F Married Whittington [Blank] At home. Home duties [Blank] [Blank]
John Thomas Whittam Grandson 0 M Both alive Wakefield [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]


Males Females Persons Rooms
3 3 6 4

I declare that this Schedule is correctly filled up to the best of my knowledge and belief

[signed] E. Whittam


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  1. Look at Source One and answer these questions.

Source one- 1921 Census record- The National Archives (RG15/22493)

  • Why do you think James is ‘out of work’ and might find it difficult to find a job? What effect could this have on the family?
  • What kinds of things do you think Emily sells as a ‘grocer’?
  • What does Alfred’s job reveal about travel in the 1920s?
  • Who is doing the job ‘home duties’? Why did house work take longer in the 1920s?
  • What else can you learn about the family?
  1. What questions do you have about this family that are not answered by the census record? Write these down and keep them.