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Reward for the capture of Sir John Oldcastle

This proclamation offers a reward of 1,000 marks (£666) for the capture of Sir John Oldcastle, an former close associate of the king. Oldcastle was associated with the teachings of John Wycliffe, whose followers attacked many practices of the Catholic church. The movement was opposed by the crown, and many Lollards were burnt as heretics. In 1414 Oldcastle was accused of leading a Lollard rebellion and was eventually captured and executed. As this example shows, he was accused of 'evil practices' and of attempting to 'destroy the kirk [church] of the realm.' 'Kirk' was one of several variant spellings in English for 'church'; in England it was superseded by 'church', but in Scotland it became the standard form.

Catalogue reference: E 175/3/15 (date: 1414)

Reward for the capture of Sir John Oldcastle. Cat ref: E 175/3
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