Birmingham in the Domesday Book
Catalogue reference: E 31/2/2, f. 243r

De Williamo tenet Ricoardus iiii hidis in BERMINGEHA. Terra
est vi carucis. In dominio est una./ v. villiani / iiii. bordarii cum .ii. carucis
Silva dimidia leuga longditudina. / ii quarentine latitudine. Valuit / valet xx. solidos
Vluuin libere tenuit Tempore Regis Edwardi.


From William, Richard holds four hides in Birmingham. There is land for six ploughs, in the demesne, one. There are five villagers and four smallholders with two ploughs. The woodland is half a league long and two furlongs wide. The value was and is twenty shillings. Wulfwin held it freely in the time of King Edward.

Note on measurements

A hide was an approximate measurement based on the area of land a team of oxen could plough in a day. Its extent varied throughout the country, but it is generally reckoned to have been the equivalent of about 120 acres.

Half a league is three quarters of a mile. Two furlongs are a quarter of a mile.

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