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Place-name summary

This list displays details of all the places within the database which match the name or element entered on the previous screen. Since most searches produce more than one result, basic details are given to help users identify the place required.

The first column provides the full name of each place discovered by the present search. The second column gives an indication of the administrative status of each place (e.g. whether the place is a parish, township, hamlet, etc.), while the third column lists (where relevant) the hundred or wapentake in which the settlement lay, and the fourth column the county. Obviously the status of many places changed over time, some places lay in more than one hundred or county, and many changed hundred at some stage of their history. Blank entries in these columns indicate that either the details are unknown, or the place had a peculiar administrative structure (e.g. lay within a borough or liberty). This information should therefore only be used as a guide, and readers are advised to consult the notes for a particular place for more information. These notes are available by clicking on the name of the place concerned, or the 'i' to the left of that name, and will provide (where relevant) the Ordnance Survey Landranger grid reference and any other useful details relevant to that place's history, geography or its occurrence within the E 179 documents.

To select a particular place for searching, click the 'Select' button to the right of the relevant place. This will add the selected place to the search criteria and return the user to the main search screen.

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