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This function allows users to search for the occurrence of a particular place within the E 179 records. Each record contains a list of the place-names contained as headings within that document, and each of these can be searched.

If the full name of the required place is known, simply type the name into the box and click on the 'Lookup' button. The database will then provide a list of all the places of that name which appear in the E 179 records, and the user should then identify and select the required place from that list by clicking 'Select'.

To search for a particular place name element, type in the term, click on the checkbox below the main box, and then click 'Lookup'. This will produce a list of all places within the database containing that combination of characters (together, in that order), regardless of their position in the word. For example, entering 'wick', clicking the checkbox and then clicking 'Lookup' would produce a list of all places containing that combination, such as 'Warwick', 'Alnwick' and 'Berwick' as well as 'Wickham' and 'Wick' itself, but will not include entries such as 'Whickham' or 'Wrickton'.

However, this search does not apply to qualifiers, such as 'East', 'Little' or 'Upper'. For example, such a search for 'Great' would find 'Greatham' but would not find 'Great Yarmouth'. To search for a composite place-name, type in the main element (in this case 'Yarmouth'), click on the checkbox and then click on the 'Lookup' button. The required place can then be selected from the results screen.

If the place required does not appear on a simple search, it is often useful to click the checkbox and re-submit the search, since a name may have been entered with hyphens, or under a different variant. Also, the majority of the documents for Yorkshire have been indexed under their respective Ridings; to search for these, enter the place-name 'Yorkshire', click the checkbox, click 'Lookup' and select the required Riding from the list.

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