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Place-name details

This screen provides details relevant to the place-name selected. The grid reference given refers to the standard Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Landranger series. If no grid reference appears, this usually means that the place is lost or unidentified, or is an indistinct or large area (e.g. a county or hundred). Also, street and ward names within cities or boroughs are not generally given references. 'Lost' or 'Unidentified' places are noted under 'Special'. Finally, the 'Notes' field contains any relevant details relating to that place's taxation history within the E 179 documents, and any other useful historical or geographical information (such as alternative names, boundary changes, etc.).

Choosing 'Back' returns the user to the place-name summary screen, where details for further places can be viewed, or the required place can be entered into the search criteria by clicking 'Select'.

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