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Online submisson form

Submit information for PRONOM

PRONOM is only as useful as the information which it contains. To be of value, its content must be broad in scope and technically accurate. The National Archives has devoted considerable resources to the development of information on a core set of software products, and this work is ongoing. However, we actively invite and encourage others to participate in this process, by submitting information for inclusion.

Who should submit information?

i) Software developers We encourage the developers of any software product that has the capability to either read or write data file formats to submit information on their products, and to maintain that information for successive releases.

ii) File format developers We encourage anyone responsible for the development of specifications for file formats to submit information on those formats, and maintain that information for successive versions.

iii) Digital archivists Other digital archives, libraries and data centres may hold information of relevance to PRONOM, which has been collected for similar reasons. We would encourage the sharing of such information with PRONOM.

iv) Everyone

We encourage anyone who is willing and able to supply information for PRONOM to do so.

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What information do you require?

The information held on PRONOM is described in the online submission form . Don't worry if you can't provide all the information specified for a particular product - all information is gratefully received.

How do I submit information?

Information should be submitted by email, using the online submission form.

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What happens to the information?

All information submitted will be validated by TNA staff before being loaded into PRONOM. The turnaround time between information being submitted and appearing on-line will vary, depending upon its length and complexity.

How are submissions acknowledged?

The source for all submitted information which is loaded into PRONOM will be acknowledged in the Provenance field. You can specify how you would like to be acknowledged on the form. You may choose to remain anonymous, in which case we will simply indicate whether the information source is an individual, institution, or developer.

Online submisson form