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Name Bitstream Speedo Fonts
Other names  
Identifiers PUID:  fmt/1569
Classification Font
Description The Speedo fonts are a type of scalable font, created by Bitstream, Inc. The font was widely used in the disk operating system (DOS) era of computers, but has since became obsolete and is not used by any current software. Speedo was used on Atari ST, Falcon, in the XyWrite word processor, and in very early versions of WordPerfect and Microsoft Windows. It was then replaced by more popular font types like Type 1 fonts. Before Speedo was considered obsolete it was supported by the X Window System through the speedo module, and most Linux distributions had a Speedo font package, but support was removed from X in the X11R7.0 release in 2005. Speedo fonts include large international character set (over six hundred characters) and they are able to adapt their "pixels", "points", "horiz", "vert", and "avgwidth" XLFD values to match whatever value is requested by the X server.
Byte order  
Related file formats None.
Technical Environment  
Supported until  
Format Risk  
Developed by None.
Supported by None.
Source The National Archives and Records Administration / The National Archives and Records Administration
Source date 06 Dec 2021
Source description  
Last updated 08 Dec 2021
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