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Name Markdown
Other names  
Identifiers PUID:  fmt/1149
MIME:  text/markdown
Classification Text (Mark-up)
Description Markdown was created by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz circa 2004. The purpose of Markdown is to let users write clean text-based documents that do not suffer from the legibility issues of other 'markup' formats. Markdown uses combinations of characters, for example, hashes (pound-sign), asterisks, and combination of square- and rounded- brackets to prefix or suffix parts of text. The symbols provide instructions to an interpreter. A single hash '#' for example, that prefixes a line of text is an instruction to make that line a top-level header in a formatted document. Two hashes '##' is an instruction to render, or output, a secondary header. And so on. Ultimately the result of writing markdown is a document that can be parsed into a well-formed version of other presentation languages such as HTML or XHTML. There is no single specification for Markdown, nor is there a single canonical output. That is, Markdown syntax could be converted into many other file types. Further descriptions of the background of Markdown and a list of Markdown 'flavors' can be found on the Archiveteam Just Solve It File Formats Wiki: Wikipedia also provides a thorough description of Markdown and its syntax:
Byte order  
Related file formats None.
Technical Environment  
Supported until  
Format Risk  
Developed by None.
Supported by None.
Source Artefactual Systems Inc / Artefactual Systems Inc
Source date 23 Jul 2018
Source description Update to this entry was sent by Stadtarchiv Hof and included in v112 of signature file.
Last updated 20 Apr 2023
Note RFC 7763 (
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