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External signatures File extension: ascx
Internal signatures
Name ASP Control Directive
Description BOF: <%@ Control (AutoEventWireup|ClassName|CodeBehind|CodeFile|CodeFileBaseClass|CompilationMode|CompilerOptions|Debug|Description|EnableTheming|EnableViewState|Explicit|Inherits|Language|LinePragmas|Src|Strict|TargetSchema|WarningLevel)=
Byte sequences
Position type Absolute from BOF
Offset 0
Maximum Offset 128
Byte order  
Value 3C254020436F6E74726F6C20(4175746F4576656E74576972657570|436C6173734E616D65|436F6465426568696E64|436F646546696C65|436F646546696C6542617365436C617373|436F6D70696C6174696F6E4D6F6465|436F6D70696C65724F7074696F6E73|4465627567|4465736372697074696F6E|456E61626C655468656D696E67|456E61626C65566965775374617465|4578706C69636974|496E686572697473|4C616E6775616765|4C696E65507261676D6173|537263|537472696374|546172676574536368656D61|5761726E696E674C6576656C)3D
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