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Name AutoCAD Slide
Other names  
Identifiers MIME:  application/sld
MIME:  application/x-sld
MIME:  image/x-sld
PUID:  x-fmt/105
Description AutoCAD slide files are screen images. A slide file consists of a header portion and one or more data records of variable length. Data records follow the header. Each data record begins with a field whose high-order byte is the record type. If a slide contains any vectors at all, a New colour record will be the first data record. The order of the vectors in a slide, and the order of the endpoints of those vectors, may vary. The slide format described in the previous paragraph is produced by AutoCAD Release 9 and later, and is portable among all computers running AutoCAD Release 9 or later. Previous versions of AutoCAD (as well as AutoShade 1.0 and AutoSketch 1.02) produce slides with a somewhat different header. Note that the old-format header does not contain a Test number field. The floating-point aspect ratio value and all 2-byte integers are written in the native format of the CPU that was used to create the file (for 8086-family CPUs, IEEE double-precision, and low-order byte first). Old-format slide files are not portable across machine types, but they can be read by any version of AutoCAD running on the same CPU type as the CPU with which the slide was created. File specifications are available at
Orientation Text
Byte order  
Related file formats None.
Technical Environment  
Supported until  
Format Risk  
Developed by Autodesk
Supported by None.
Source Digital Preservation Department / The National Archives
Source date 02 Aug 2005
Source description File format information supplied by NARA Information Services/Applied Research Division, The National Archives and Records Administration.
Last updated 29 Nov 2011
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