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Report on lifecycles

This report displays software products or file formats which are supported or unsupported at given dates, or released before, after or between given dates.


Example of search by lifecycles


The report shows four columns; Component Name (File Format or Software), Version, Vendor Name, Release Date and the date Support is withdrawn. Where a vendor has not announced a date for support of a component to end, this will be listed as "No Date Set". Where a vendor has withdrawn a component, but the date for the withdrawal is unknown, this will be listed as "Withdrawn (date unknown)". Where the release date for a component is unknown, this will be listed as "No Date Set".


If there are more than ten results, the report will be split into pages of ten rows each. Move through the pages using the links above and below the report table. The current page number is highlighted. Click on the sort icon next to the "File Format" or "Software", "Vendor", "Released" or "Supported Until" column heading to sort on that column. The current sort column is highlighted in red. Other sortable columns are highlighted with the sort icon .


The entire report can be exported to XML or CSV formats, or printed out in a more printer-friendly format, by using the links above the report table.


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