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Exporting report data

PRONOM allows users to save reports in standard formats. This is in accord with the e-Government Interchange Format specifications, to ensure that systems are able to exchange data in non-proprietary formats. The two formats supported by PRONOM are XML (Extensible Markup Language) and CSV ( Comma-Separated Variables).


Saving a report from PRONOM will save all the data used to generate the report PRONOM displays in the web browser. When you click on a link to download a report in XML or CSV formats, your browser will prompt you for a location to save the file. You can then view the file later, or import the data into any applications you use to support records preservation.



XML is a language allowing file formats to be specified. Formats specified using XML can be easily converted to other formats by well-defined means, ensuring that data can be exchanged with other systems even though they may not use precisely the same format.

The formats used for storing the PRONOM reports are defined in XML Schema Definition (XSD) documents which are publicly available. XML files can be read with a simple text viewer, or typically by a web browser to provide more friendly formatting of the data.



CSV is a format in which separate records are each written to a single, separate line in a text file. The fields of the record are separated by commas. Files in this format can be read with a simple text viewer, or be imported easily into applications such as spreadsheets.


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