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Report on file formats

This report displays file formats with a given file extension or format name.


Example of search by file format results


The report shows five columns: Pronom Unique ID, Format Name, Format Version, File Extension, and Format Risk. As several different software products may use the same extension for their file formats, there will often be many file formats listed for a given extension. As some file formats have more than one possible file extension, there may be several extensions listed for any one file format.


If there are more than ten results, the report will be split into pages of ten rows each. Move through the pages using the links above or below the report table. The current page number is highlighted. Click on the sort icon next to the "File Extension", "Pronom Unique ID ", "Format Name ", or " Format Risk " column heading to sort the results by that column. The current sort column is highlighted in red. Other sortable columns are highlighted with the sort icon .


The entire report can be exported to XML or CSV formats, or printed out in a more printer-friendly format, by using the links above the report table.


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