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Document type

This function allows users to specify the particular type of document for which they wish to search. Three different searches are available, although only one can be selected at any one time.

The first option, 'All documents', allows the user to search for every document in the database which matches the other criteria selected from the main search screen. This is also the default option.

The second option, 'Documents containing the Names of Individuals', allows the user to search only for documents which have been flagged as containing the names of individual taxpayers. Most of these will be of the document type 'individual assessment', but many other document types include such lists, such as 'schedules of arrears', 'lists of taxpayers' and 'certificates of non-distraint'. It should be noted that the actual names of the individuals contained in these documents are not recorded in the database.

The third option allows the user to search the database for a specific type of document. Simply select the type of document from the drop-down list. Having selected a particular document type, users can then view a brief description of that particular type by clicking on the 'i' button which will then be displayed next to the name of the document type selected.

It should be appreciated that, given the wide chronological and administrative range of the E 179 documents, many documents do not fall easily into a particular type, and that documents which vary widely in appearance and content can often be assigned to the same document type. Users should make use of the information screens to ensure that the document type selected corresponds with their requirements, and may need to search more than one document type to find the required information. Alternatively, if the document type is uncertain, choose the 'All documents' option.

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