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Document type details

This screen provides users with a brief description of the type of document selected in the previous screen. It contains a description of the function of that particular document type within the administration of medieval and early-modern taxation, and, in some cases, examples of its use. It should be appreciated, however, that many documents do not fall easily into a particular type. Documents which vary widely in appearance and content may be assigned to the same document type, and many of the document types may in fact fulfil very similar administrative functions. Descriptions used within this database also do not necessarily match the terms used within the documents themselves, or in earlier listings of the E 179 series. For example, documents for fifteenths and tenths which explicitly call themselves 'particulars of account' contain assessments of the sums due from various settlements, and thus are described in the database as 'assessments (communal)'.

To access descriptions of further document types, simply press 'Back' to return to the main search screen, select another document type and click the 'i' button.

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