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Enquiry into protests against the crown

It is to be enquired for our Sovereign Lord the King that if John Merfeld of Brightling in the shire of Sussex husbandman and William Merfeld of Brightling the shire foresaid husbandman at Brightling in the open market the Sunday in the feast of St Anne in the 28th year of our said Sovereign Lord falsely said that the king was a natural fool and would oft times hold a staff in his hands with a bird on the end playing therewith as a fool and that another king must be ordained to rule the land saying that the king was no person able to rule the land.

Also the said John of Brightling the Sunday next afore Saint Luke's day the 29th year of our said Sovereign Lord the King in the open alehouse there…said to William Durford said that the charter that our said Sovereign Lord made of the first insurrection was false…Also the said John at Brightling on St James even the 28th year above said…that he and his fellowship would arise again and when they were up they would leave no gentleman alive but such as them list to have.

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