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"Fritz is awakened" by Reginald Mount, 1942. Ink, inkwash & gouache on board.

Fritz is awakened

"Fritz is awakened" by Reginald Mount, 1942

Catalogue ref: INF 3/1423Links to the Catalogue

The catalogue entry reads: ‘Fritz is awakened'. The slide-style image depicts a firebomb awakening from sleep, ready for duty, to serve and cause damage on behalf of the Nazi war effort. The image was obviously expected to be recognisable as a firebomb, so probably dates from after the famous ‘Firebomb Fritz' poster of 1941.

Advertiser's Weekly, discussing the earlier poster in September 1941, describe the new campaign on behalf of the Ministry of Home Security, intended to impress upon ‘the-man-in-the-street' his responsibility for fighting fire bombs (which caused some of the most expensive damage of the war). The use of the cartoon element was a novelty, with an animated incendiary bomb whose expression – comic, rather than terrifying – was intended to reassure people of the harmlessness of incendiaries if tackled in time, and believed to more effective than any number of slogans.