Discrimination in Cape Colony, 1901
PRO DO 119/593, no. 3801/1

Whereas we, the Coloured people in public meeting here assembled viewing with much sorrow and grave apprehension, the efforts which are being made in certain quarters to enact laws which are enimical to our welfare, and which are calculated to harass and annoy us without cause
And whereas, there is nothing in our past history or in our present conduct to justify the necessity for, such measures. as for instance the one now obtaining in a certain Section of His Majesty's dominions in South Africa, and whereby all members of our race and without the distinctions of respectability, and personal worth are denied the use of public conveyances, excepting such as bear marks which are designed to degrade, and to belittle us,

And whereas, other laws or measures are extant which are not intended to promote the best interests of any portion of His Majesty's Subjects in South Africa

Therefore, be it resolved, that it is the sense of this meeting that in His Majesty's High Commissioner in South Africa Lord Milner, the Coloured, and the black man have a staunch friend, to whom we appeal for succour and redress, whose promises afford us hope, and whose recent declaration that the Government will not "alienate the confidence of those who have been their friends all along" affords us the assurance that His Lordship will stand between us and all harm
And, Be it further resolved that a Copy of these resolutions be sent to the Acting High Commissioner for submission to Lord Milner on the return of His Lordship
F L S Peregrin

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