Bribery at Tamworth elections, 1854
PRO HO 45/5310

Lichfield St Tamworth
November 13th, 1854

Lord Palmerston
May it please your Lordship
If you wish any further evidence to confirm what I have stated to you respecting the Tamworth Election Bribery cases I am prepared at any time your Lordship thinks fit to prove to your Lordship that not only Ale but a Pig was offered for a vote for Mr Shaw the present Mayor I can also prove to your Lordship that the person who offered the Pig told me as a positive fact that a few days before the Election he had three soverigns put in his hand to do as he thought proper with to get votes for Mr Shaw and that if he wanted five or six pounds more he was not to stand still but to fetch it and I can also prove by a very respectable Tradesman that a lot of Men were coming to vote with these papers filled up for Mr Knight which was afterwards altered through the Ale Bribery in favour of Mr Shaw and I can also prove to your Lordship that one person who had given up his voting paper and could not get his Tickets for the Ale whent [sic] back to try to get back his voting paper for that purpose, Another case of a very respectable Farmer asking his Man who he should vote for he said the Man that gave the most drink Another of a man that was such when going to vote and on inquiry of who he was voting for they found that Mr Shaw's name was not in the papers the Party in favour of Mr Shaw said I will give you a quart of Ale to vote for Mr Shaw the Man said no I will not vote for him they then offered him two, three, and then four quarts and to prejudice the man's mind said that Mr Knight the persons name he had on the paper was not a Candidate for the Election I stepping up at the time put a stop to the proceedings and the Man voted according to his own wish and is ready to come forward to prove that this is correct Many other cases similar to these I can prove from different Individuals respecting the voting for the Town Councill and even from Members who have been nominated for the Town Councill once more begging your Lordship not to let this shamefull case pass unnoticed. Waiting your Lordships reply.

Your Lordships Humble & Obedient Servant
Samuel Baraclough

Lord Palmerston
Home Secretary

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