'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland', 1801
HLRO Original Journal, H.L. (22 January 1801)

Adhuc 22 Die January 1801
Parliament opened by Commission. The Lord Chancellor acquainted the House, that His Majesty not thinking fit to be personally present here this Day, had been pleased to cause a Commission to be issued under the Great Seal, in Order to the Opening and Holding of this Parliament.
Then Four of the Lords Commissioners being Seated on a Form placed between the Throne and the Woolsack, the Lord Chancellor in the Middle, with the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury on his Right Hand, and the Duke of Portland and the Lord Chamberlain on his Left; Commanded the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod to let the Commons know, the Lords Commissioners desire their immediate Attendance in this House to hear the Commission read. - Who being come.
The Lord Chancellor said,
My Lords, and Gentlemen of the House of Commons.
His Majesty not thinking fit to be present here this Day in His Royal Person, has been pleased in order to the opening and holding of this Parliament to cause Letters Patent to be passed under His Great Seal constituting Us, and several other Lords therein named, His Commissioners to do all things in His Majesty's Name on His part necessary to be performed in this Parliament this will more fully appear by the Letters Patent themselves, which must be now read

Adhuc 22 Die January 1801.
Then the said Letters Patent were ready by the Clerk as follow: (viz.)
George R.
George the Third by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King Defender of the Faith. To all to whom these Presents shall come Greeting. Whereas We have lately for divers difficult and pressing Affairs concerning Us the State and Defence of our said United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Church ordained this our present Parliament to begin and to be held at our City of Westminster on the Twenty Second Day of January in the Forty first Year of our Reign. And for as much as for certain causes we cannot conveniently be present in our Royal Person in our said Parliament upon the said Twenty second Day of January know ye that We trusting in the discretion fidelity and care of our most dear and entirely beloved Son and most faithful Councillor George Prince of Wales, our most dear Sons and faithful Councillors Frederick Duke of York, William Duke of Clarence, Edward Duke of Kent, Ernest Duke of Cumberland, the Most Reverend Father in God and our faithful Councillor John Archbishop of Canterbury Primate and Metropolitan of all England, our Wellbeloved and faithful Councillor Alexander Lord Loughborough our Chancellor of Great Britain our most dear Cousins

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