Proclamation of Bonnie Prince Charlie, 1745
Catalogue reference: SP 36/67, p. 88

Charles Prince of Wales & Regent of the Kingdom of Scotland, England, France & Ireland & the dominions thereunto belonging.
Whereas we have seen a certain scandalous & malicious paper published in the Stile [sic] & form of a Proclamation, bearing date the first instant, wherein, under pretence of bringing us to justice, like our royal ancestor King Charles the first of blessed memory, there is a reward of thirty thousand pounds Sterling promised to those who shall deliver us into the hands of our enemies: We could not but be moved with a just indignation at so insolent an attempt. And tho' from our nature & principles, we abhore & detest a practice, so unusual amongst Christian Princes, we cannot but out of a just regard to the dignity of our person, promise the like reward of thirty thousand pounds Sterling to him or them who shall seise & secure, till our further orders, the person of the Elector of Hanover, whether landed or attempting to land in any of his Majesties dominions. Should any fatal accident happen from hence, let the blame ly [sic] entirely at the door of those who first set the infamous example.
Given in our camp at Kinlocheil Charles P. R.
August 22 1745.

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