Act concerning artificers and labourers, 1514
HLRO HL/PO/PU/1/1514/6H8n3

An acte concernyng artificers and labourers

HENRY R. Soit baill[e] Aux Com[mun]

Where dyv[er]se estatutes bifore this tyme have ben made & ordeyned for s[er]vaunts of Husbandry and also laborers and Artificers by dyv[er]s and roiall and noble p[ro]genitours unto o[ure] Sov[er]aigne Lord the Kyng nowe beyng, And in especiall a statute made by the right noble prince of blessid memory Kyng Henry the vjth uncle unto o[ure] said Sov[er]aigne Lord xxxiijth yere of his reign whiche notw[ith]stondyng grete and many defaults dayly encrease rest and contynue amonge laborers and artificers some by cause of the said estatutes be not executed and some by cause the remedie of the seid estatutes is not very p[er]fite nor gevith certeyne ne hasty remedie so that dayly by theire subtell ymaginacion in defraude of the said estatutes many of the Kyng o[ure] Sov[er]aigne Lordes Subiettis be hurt deceived lette and damaged in thaire buyldyng & husbandry. Be it therfore establisshed enacted and ordeyned by auctorite of this p[re]sent p[ar]leament First that noo balliff of husbandry shall take for his wages by yere above xxvj s. viij d. for his clothing v s. w[ith] mete and drinke, noo cheif hyne as a Carter or cheif Shepard above xx s. by the yere & for his clothing v s. w[ith] mete & drink, noo comyn s[er]vant of husbandry above xvj s. viij d. by yere and his clothing iiij s. w[ith] mete & drinke noo woman s[er]v[au]nt above x s. by yere and for hir clothing iiij s. w[ith] mete & drink noo child w[ith]in age of xiiij yeres above vj s. viij d. by yere and for his clothing iiij s. w[ith] mete and drink And that noo artificer ne laborer herafter named take no more ne gretter wages than in this Statute is limetted upon the payn seassed aswell to the taker as to the gever that is to say A fremason m[astir] carpent[er] rough mason brekelayer m[astir] tyler plommer glaseo[ur] kerver ne joiner fro Estre to Michelmas ev[er]y of theise Artificers aforesaid vj d. by the day w[ith]out mete & drink and w[ith] mete & drink iiij d And fro Michelmas to Estre v d. w[ith]out mete & drinke & w[ith] mete & drink iij d And that the wages of a Shipwright from the fest of Candelmas unto the fest of Seynt Michell tharchungell shallnot excede the forme ensuyng That is to say a M[astir] shipcarpenter takyng the charge of the Werke havyng men under hym by the day v d. w[ith] mete & drynke & w[ith]out mete & drynke vij d And oy[ther] Ship carpenter called an hewer by the day iiij d. w[ith] mete & drinke & w[ith]out mete & drinke vj d An able clyncher by the day iij d. w[ith] mete and drinke & w[ith]out mete & drinke v d An holder by the day ij d. w[ith] mete & drink w[ith]out mete & drynke iiij d A m[aster] Calker by the day iiij d. w[ith] mete & drynke & w[ith]out mete & drink vj d An oy[ther] meane Calker by the day iij d. w[ith] mete and drink and w[ith]out mete and drink v d A Calker laboryng by the tyde for as long tyme as he may labore above the water and beneth the water shall not excede for his wages for ev[er]y tyde iiij d. w[ith] mete & drink. And from the fest of Michelmas to Candelmas the Wages of a M[aster] Shipwright by the day iiij d. w[ith] mete & drynke and w[ith]out mete & drinke vj d An hewer by the day iii d. w[ith] mete & drinke, and w[ith]out mete & drinke v d An able Clyncher by the day ij d. ob. w[ith] mete and drink and w[ith]out mete & drinke iiij d. ob An holder by the day j d ob. w[ith] mete & drinke & w[ith]out mete and drynke iij d A m[astir] Calker by the day iij d. w[ith] mete & drink & w[ith]out mete and drinke v d. An oy[ther] meane Calker by the day ij d. ob w[ith] mete & drynke and w[ith]out mete and drinke iiij d. ob. Be it also enacted that in suche Shires & Cuntres that where it hathe be & is nowe used to giff lesse wages that in those Shires & Cuntres they shal giff And the taker of the wages be compelled according as they have lesse used to take this acte not w[ith]stondyng And the M[astir] Mason & M[astir] Carpenter whiche shall take the charge of the werke havyng undir hym of theym vj men shall have vij d. w[ith]out mete and drinke & v d. by day w[ith] mete & drinke And that ev[er]y p[er]son & Artificer specified in this Statute beyng not reteyned in any s[er]vice for any werke be compelled to s[er]ve ev[er]y other p[er]son for such wages as in this this Statute bifore is limytted And that no Artificer reteyned in any s[er]vice to warke w[ith] the Kynges Highnes or any oy[ther] p[er]son dep[ar]te not from his seid Hieghnes or from the seid oy[ther] p[er]son till suche tyme as the warke be fynysshed if the p[er]son so reteynyng thartificer so long will have hym & pay his wages upon payne of imprisonment of any p[er]sone so dep[or]tyng by the space of a moneth & to make fyne of xx s Always p[ro]vided and forsene that if the same Artificer be desyred to the Kynges s[er]vice and warke that then he may lawfully dep[ar]te so that he entre & be in the Kynges s[er]vyce and warke. And it is further ordyned by the seid auctorite that ev[er]y oy[ther] laborer & Articificer not affore named shall take from Estre to Michelmas for ev[er]y day that he so laboreth except the season of Hervest iiij d. w[ith]out mete & drinke & ij d. w[ith] mete & drinke and from Michelmas till Estir iij d. w[ith]out mete & drinke & i d. ob. w[ith] mete & drinke; and in the said tyme of Hervest ev[er]y mower shall take by the day iiij d. w[ith] mete & drink and w[ith]out mete & drink vj d a repar and Cartar ev[er]y of theym iij d. by the day w[ith] mete & drynke & w[ith]out mete & drynke v d A woman laborer & oy[ther] laborers ev[er]y of theym ij d. ob. by the day w[ith] mete and drink & w[ith]out mete & drinke iij d. ob and that noo artificer nor laborer warkyng but the half day take no wages but for the half day & noo thinge for the holy day. And if any baillif of Husbandry Hyne Carter Shepard comen s[er]vant Woman s[er]vnt or child s[er]vnt above specified not reteyned in any s[er]vice or werke refuse to s[er]ve or werke according to the orden[a]nce above specified Then the same p[er]sone to be comytted to ward by the Constable or oy[ther] hedde officer w[ith]in the Citie Towne or Village where the partie so refusyng is at complaynt of hym that will receive suche s[er]v[au]nte there to remayne till he have founde surtie to s[er]ve accordyng to the seid Ordynnce Ferthermore if any Artificer or laborer being not reteyned in any s[er]vice or werke refuse to s[er]ve after the rate of [his] astate or to take gretter or more wages than therein is lymytted for the same Artificers & laborers or if any artificer or laborer take wages for the holy day where he werketh but the half day, that then ev[er]y Artificer & laborer offendyng in any of the forsaid articles forfeite for ev[er]y defaulte as oft as they offend xx s and they to be comytted for ev[er]y suche defaulte by p[re]sentment affore the Justices of peace in the Sessions accordyng to the comen lawe or by examynacion of the Justice in the same Sessions or by examynacion of too Justices of peace out of the Sessions in any place w[ith]in the Shire wherin they ben Justices & where suche default shalbe made & that the said forfeture of xx s. to be lyvied of their lands goods & catellis so offendyng. And ferthermore where dyv[er]se artificers and laborers reteyned to warke & s[er]ve wast most part of the day and do not des[er]ve theire wages some tyme in late comyng to theire werke erly dep[ar]tyng therfro long syttyng att theire brekefast at theire dyn[er] & at theire nonemete & long tyme at slepyng at aftir none to the losse & hurte of such p[er]sons as the seid Artificers & laborers ben reteyned w[ith]in s[er]vyce It is therefore establisshed enacted & ordeyned by acutorite aforeseid that ev[er]y Artificer & laborer be at wereke betwen the Mydd[es] of the moneth of marche & the mydd[es] of the moneth of September before v. of the Cloke in the mornyng, & that he have but half an houre for his brekefast & an houre & an half for his dyn[er] at such tyme as he hath season for slepe to hym appoynted by the seid estatute, & at suche tyme as it is herin appoynted that he shall not slepe then he to have but an houre for his dyn[er] & half an houre for his nonemete and that he dep[ar]t not from his werke betwene the middes of the seid monethes of marche & Septembr till betwene vij & viij of the Cloke in the evenyng And if they or any of theym offende in any of theise Articles that then theire defaults to be marked by hym or his deputie that shall pay theire wages & at the weeks end to be abated of suche rate of tyme as they have offended And that from the midd[es] of Septembr to the Middes of marche ev[er]y Artificer & laborer be at theire worke in the springyng of the day & dep[ar]te not till nyght of the same day and that the seid Artificers and laborers slepe not by day but only from the middes of the moneth of May unto the middill of the moneth of August Also it is establisshed and enacted that by the said auctorite that if any artificer or laborer reteyned in s[er]vice with any p[er]son for bilding or Rep[ar]acon do assaute or make or cause to be made any assemble to assaute herme or hurte any p[er]son assigned to countroll and ov[er]see theym in thair working that he or they so defending have imprisonement for a yere withoute letting to baill or maynprise And forthermore to make fyne at the Kings will The same assemble or assaute to be tried by examynacion before the Justices of peace as is aforesaid This acte to begyn and take effecte at the fest of Whitsontide next comyng and in the meane tyme the same to be p[ro]claymed in ev[er]y goode Citie borow and Towne of this Realme.

J. Tayler

A set bill avec lez deux p[ro]visos a ces Annex lez Co[mmune]s sount assentez

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