Grant of alien subsidy to Edward IV, 1483
Catalogue reference: C 65/113, no. 9

To the wurshipp of God; We youre pore Comens by youre high commaundement comen to this youre present Parlement, for the Shires, Citees and Burghs of this youre noble Realme, by th’assent of all the Lords Spirituelx and Temporelx, in this present Parlement by youre auctorite Roiall assembled, graunten by this present Endenture to You oure Soverain Lord, for the Tuition and Defence of this youre seid Reame, certain Subsidies, to be paied and leveied in maner and fourme as folowith. That is to say, of every persone Artificer, not born within this youre seid Reame, not made Deynszen, housholdyng within the same Reame, vis viiid; people born in youre Landes of Irlond and Wales, Berwik, and the Boundes therof, Caleis and the Marches therof, and all the Iles under youre obeisaunce, the people also born in youre Duchies of Gascoign, Guyen and Normandie, nowe being and that herafter shal be under youre obeisaunce, except and forprised; and if ii or iii of suche persones Artificers or moo in nombre, except before except, dwell in oon house or hold eny chamber, that every of theym paie the seid Subsidie of vis viiid. And of every persone not Deynszen, nor borne within youre seid Reame, Lordship, Londes, Iles, Tounes, Boundes and Marches, nor under youre obeisaunce, being within the same, iis; except servauntz of Husbandrie. And of every persone not Deynszen, except before except, kepyng eny house for bruyng of Bere within this youre seid Reame, xxs. And also of every Venician, Italyan, Janvey, Florentyne, Milener, Cateloner, Albertyn and Lombard, being Merchaunt, Broker or Factor, or Attourney to eny of theym, not being Deynszen within this youre seid Reame, and of every other Straunger Merchaunt, borne oute of this youre seide Reame, except befor except, housholdyng or sojornyng within the same Reame by the speace of iii monethes, xvs; the seid Artificers and Bere bruers, therof except and sorprised. And of every Venecian, Italion, Janvery, Florentyn, Milener, Lucan, Cateloner, Albertyn and Lombard, being Merchaunt of Factour, and the Attourney of every of theym, and of every other Merchaunt Straunger, born oute of the seid Lordshipp, Ducihes, Iles, Tounes, Boundes and Marche aforesaid, not Deynszen, dwelling and abiding within this youre seid Reame, and not housholdyng within the same, but sojornyng in eny place under youre obeisaunce, with the seid Marchauntes Straungers, Brokers or Factours, or eny of theym, xxs: the seid severall sommes to be paid and levied to You oure Soverayne Lord ate the fest of Pentecost next commyng. And if eny of the seid Venician, Italian, Janvey, Florentyne, Milener, Cateloner, Albertyn or Lumbard, or other Straunger, borne oute of youre seid Lordshipp, Duchies, Iles, Tounes, Boundes and Marches aforesaid, dwelling and abiding within this youre seid Reame, not holding houshold nor chamber as it is aforesaid by the space of iii monethes, departe oute of this youre Reame, before the seid sommes and every of theym to youre Highnes be fully content and paied, in maner as it is aforesaid; that then the persone and persones, and every of theym whom they were dwelling, reseant or resorting, the first day of this present Parlement, be chargeable and charged with and for every of the forseid sommes due to youre Highnes by every suche persone so departed.

Provyded alwey, that this Acte, nor any other Acte made or to be made in this present Parlement, extend not nor in any wise be prejudiciall to the Nation and Merchauntz of the Reame of Spayne, nor to the Nation and Merchauntz of Bretayn, nor to the Merchanuts of Almayne, that have a house in the Cite of London, called Gildhalla Theutonicorum.

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