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Details: Rowley Bristow Orthopaedic Hospital, Pyrford

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Present name

Rowley Bristow Orthopaedic Hospital 

Previous name(s)

St Nicholas' and St Martin's Orthopaedic Hospital Homes and Special School of Recovery (by 1928 - 1948)  


Pyrford GU22 8UG 

Foundation Year




Closure year


Administrative authorities

Regional Hospital Board (1948-74)

South West Metropolitan 

Hospital Management Committee (1948-74)

Rowley Bristow Group 

Regional Health Authority (1974-82)

South West Thames 

Regional Health Authority (1982- )

South West Thames 

District Health Authority (1974-82)

North West Surrey 

District Health Authority (1982- )

North West Surrey 

County (before 1974)


County (1974-1996)


County (after 1996)

Not applicable 


Pre 1948


Post 1948

NHS, Private


Pre 1948


Post 1948

OTHER: Children's orthopaedic.

Other information

From the 1920's, when it was under the control of the Church of England Homes for Waifs and Strays, through the National Health Service period, the hospital received paying patients. In 1937 about two-thirds of its finance came from patient contributions, one-third from voluntary contributions. The hospital had a 10 bed convalescent home; St Agnes Home, Pevensey Bay, Sussex. In 1937 a 16-bed ward block was added to the hospital, bringing the total number of beds to about 180. This increased to 250 beds by 1948, but this was the high point and the number of beds fell steadily over the following years, until there were just 41 beds in 1991, shortly before the hospital closed.

Records can be found at:


  Surrey History Centre

Record type

Date range


1922 - 1991


1942 - 1969


1946 - 1956

   Admission & Discharge

1943 - 1953


1922 - 1991

Clinical & Patients

1925 - 1988

Finding aids

Finding aids

Location of finding aids

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6248 Created From: St Martin's Home for Crippled Boys, Pyrford, 1917 - 1929 minutes St Nicholas Hospital Home. In 1930s became St Nicholas and St Martin's Orthopaedic Hospital. In 1948 - Rowley Bristow Orthopaedic Hospital.


Deaths Register Visitor's book 1922 - 1971 for St Nicholas' Hospital Home. Privately published history of use in Second World War, 1991 Acc 6730 reported to NRA 1999

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