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  • Royal C VII f.133 By permission of The British Library

    Uniting the kingdoms? 1066 - 1603

    Uniting the Kingdoms? How the many kingdoms in Britain and Ireland united.

  • Go to: Domesday

    Domesday Book

    Learn how and why Domesday was created and the differences between Great and Little Domesday.

  • TNA:PRO KB 9/166/2 no.3


    Citizenship is often in the news but what is it? How has it changed over the centuries?

  • Go to: Focus on Domesday

    Focus on Domesday

    Explore one of Britain’s oldest and most famous documents, Domesday Book.

  • Go to: Treasures from the National Archives

    Treasures from The National Archives

    See some of the treasures of The National Archives, collected over a 1000 years of British history.

  • Agincourt

    Battle of Agincourt

    On 25 October 1415, King Henry V led his army to victory on the field of Agincourt. Explore our records for an insight into the campaign and battle, as well as the soldiers who fought in the English army.

  • Beginners’ Latin, Cat ref: DL 42/3

    Tutorial: Beginners’ Latin

    This tutorial is a beginners’ guide to the Latin used in documents between 1086 and 1733. It is the first online tutorial to help you learn the Latin from this period.

  • Advanced Latin, Cat ref: E 36/276 f 11

    Tutorial: Advanced Latin

    A step-by-step online tutorial to teach medieval Latin to an advanced level. Practise what you learn with interactive activities and extracts from original documents.

  • Go to: Maps


    The National Archives has one of the world’s richest holdings of historical mapping, more than six million maps and plans, with more added every year.

  • Go to: Human Rights exhibition

    Human Rights

    Using original documents from The National Archives, this exhibition provides a historical background to some of the rights we today take for granted. Explore the struggle for and development of rights, browse the timeline of events and see images of original documents.

  • Go to: Crime and Punishment

    Crime and Punishment

    Investigate crime in Britain, its prevention and punishment, from the 13th century to the present.

  • Registered copy of will (detail). 1723. Cat ref: PROB 11/593 q 196

    Tutorial: Palaeography

    Learn how to read and transcribe old handwriting. This interactive guide will mark your attempts at transcribing ten documents dating from the reign of Henry VIII to 1800.

  • Learn how to read and write old Latin

    Tutorial: Latin palaeography

    This online tutorial will help you learn to read the handwriting found in documents written in Latin between 1086 and 1500. Each of its ten lessons is constructed around a different document from The National Archives.

  • Go to: Henry VIII: Power, Passion, Parchment

    Henry VIII: Power, Passion, Parchment

    We commemorate the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s coronation with a wealth of information about the legendary monarch’s life and legacy. Highlights include an account of Anne Boleyn’s trial for treason and the Valor Ecclesiasticus.

  • TNA:PRO CO 700/WestIndies21 f.1

    Black Presence: Asian and Black history in Britain from 1500 to 1850

    Discover the rich history of Asian and Black communities living in Britain during this time, as seen through contemporary documents.

  • Go to Civil War exhibition

    Civil War

    Find out about archival sources and investigate the conflict involving King Charles I, Parliament, the people and Oliver Cromwell.

  • Go to Great Fire of London

    Great Fire of London

    This website for key stage 1 pupils tells the story of the Great Fire of London in an engaging way, with activities and games. It was created by the Museum of London in partnership with The National Archives, London Fire Brigade Museum, National Portrait Gallery and London Metropolitan Archives.

  • Go to: Secrets & Spies

    Secrets and Spies

    Find out about the history of espionage from this fascinating selection of secret documents.

  • Go to: Tudor Hackney

    Tudor Hackney (in partnership with Hackney Archives)

    Hear the remarkable story of Hackney and the Daniell family who lived there in Tudor times - with video drama and a virtual reality reconstruction. This is a resource for schools in partnership with Hackney Archives.

  • Go to: British Empire

    British Empire

    Trace the extraordinary role of the British Empire in the history of Britain and the world using this resource for schools.

  • Go to: Caribbean Histories Revealed

    Caribbean Histories Revealed

    The history of the British Caribbean is explored in this exhibition through government documents, photographs and maps dating from the 17th century to the 1920s and discovered during a cataloguing project at The National Archives.

  • Go to: Abolition of Slavery

    Abolition of Slavery

    Learn about the transatlantic slave trade through our new research guide and online resources. Read abolitionists' wills and accounts of a slave ship's voyage across the Atlantic.

  • Go to: Power, Politics and Protest

    Power, Politics and Protest

    How and why did political rights change in 19th century Britain? Find out in this resource for schools.

  • TNA:PRO MPI 1/536 no.6

    Nelson, Trafalgar, and those who served

    Set to the background of Britain's involvement in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars and of fears of invasion by France, this exhibition describes the Battle of Trafalgar and its immediate aftermath.

  • Go to: World through a lens

    World through a lens

    Explore extraordinary images, taken from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office photographic collection (CO 1069), which span the globe and more than 100 years of history.

  • Go to: Africa through a lens

    Africa through a lens

    Africa through a lens is a set of thousands of images taken from a broader photographic collection of Foreign and Commonwealth Office images, held at The National Archives.

  • Asia through a lens

    Asia through a lens

    Explore remarkable images taken from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office collection (CO 1069) from across the Asian continent.

  • Australasia through a lens

    Australasia through a lens

    See remarkable photographs and drawings dating back as far as the mid-19th century from Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific Islands.

  • Americas through a lens

    Americas through a lens

    View scenes spanning more than 100 years from Canada to Belize, taken from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Collection (CO 1069).

  • Caribbean through a lens

    Caribbean through a lens - explored!

    Discover some of the extraordinary outreach projects conducted with Caribbean community groups and inspired by images from the Foreign and Commonwealth collection.

  • Go to: British Battles

    British Battles: From Crimea to Korea

    From Crimea (1854) to Korea (1951) - a selection of four British battles. This exhibition uses documents, images and text to describe how and why Britain was at war.

  • Go to: Design Registers

    Design Registers

    An online exhibition featuring 300 mid-Victorian ceramic designs and other curiosities.

  • Go to: Victorian Britain: Fair or Foul?

    Victorian Britain: Fair or Foul?

    What was life really like in Victorian Britain? Find out in this resource for schools.

  • Mh 47 Appeal form

    First World War Military Service Tribunals

    Find case papers (MH 47) from the Middlesex Appeal Tribunal covering applications for exemption for military service between 1916 and 1918.

  • Go to: Focus on Isaac Rosenberg

    Focus on Isaac Rosenberg

    Isaac Rosenberg is one of the lesser known of the war poets, though he is considered to be one of the finest. See how family and military records provide an insight into his life.

  • Go to: Focus on the Census

    Focus on the Census

    Explore the 1891 census using maps, photographs and census returns.

  • Go to: The Olympic Record

    The Olympic Record

    Browse through records on the modern Olympic and Paralympic Games and Cultural Olympiad, from 1896 to the present, in this rich resource on sporting and cultural history.

  • Punch 15 May 1901 p.367

    1901: Living at the time of the census

    Find out what life was like in 1901 and learn about the census and how to discover more about the people and places in it. You can search the 1901 census at

  • Go to: Focus on film

    Focus on film

    View historical films ranging from the beach at Folkestone in 1904 to the war zone of Vietnam in 1969.

  • Go to: Britain 1906-18

    Britain 1906-18

    The First World War, votes for women, the growth of the welfare state – find out more about Britain at a time of great upheaval and change in this resource for schools.

  • Go to: Titanic

    Titanic: 100 year anniversary

    The National Archives' Titanic exhibition commemorates the centenary of the ships' sinking, displaying passenger and crew lists, videos, podcasts and a timeline of events.

  • IWM 191 Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, London

    First World War

    A valuable research tool to trace ancestors who served in the First World War and create a wider understanding of the global nature of war and its consequences.

  • Go to: The Great War, 1914-1918

    The Great War, 1914-1918

    Investigate the causes and the nature of the First World War in this resource for schools.

  • Go to: How to read a document

    How to read a document

    Discover the full meaning of a historical document taken from the time of mounting tension before the outbreak of the Second World War.

  • Go to: Learning Curve World War Two

    World War Two

    Learn about the Second World War using our animated maps and investigations containing original documents, film, photographs and audio.

  • Go to: The Art of War

    The Art of War - British propaganda 1939-45

    View our fascinating and colourful collections of illustrations, propaganda, cartoons, films and art created during the Second World War.

  • Go to: The Home Front

    The Home Front

    What was life like on the Home Front during the Second World War? We look at preparations for war, the bombing of Britain, spies, the role of women and much more in this resource for schools.

  • Go to: Dambusters


    On the night of 16 May 1943, the specially formed 617 Squadron flew modified Lancaster bombers to Germany, on a mission that was to become one of the most famous episodes of the Second World War, the Dambusters raid.

  • Go to: Panjab 1947: a heart divided

    Panjab 1947: a heart divided

    Listen to the narratives of Panjabi elders uprooted from their homeland during the Partition of British India in 1947.

  • Go to: Cold War

    Cold War

    Discover the causes and effects of the Cold War, from the original documents and film footage of the time.

  • Go to: Power, Politics and Protest

    Public Information Films

    View public information films from the 20th Century. The selection of films from 1945 -1951 features some fascinating events from Britain's post-war history.

  • Go to: 20th Century Heroes and Villains

    20th Century Heroes and Villains

    Churchill, Kennedy, Mussolini, Stalin, Truman, King - were they heroes or villains? You can look at the evidence and make up your own mind using this resource for schools.

  • Go to: Cabinet papers

    Cabinet papers

    Search or browse a selection of cabinet papers 1915-1982.

  • Go to: Sepia


    This collection of some of our photos is part of a larger project with our partners in the Safeguarding European Photographic Images for Access (SEPIA) project. It shows the development of transport of all kinds, here and elsewhere in Europe.

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