Learning Curve, The Great War
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Useful notes: Source4
Report on the actions of Allied aircraft, comparing 1916 to 1918
(Catalogue ref: AIR 1/109/15/16)
  • For most of the war, aircraft were used as spotter planes for artillery.
  • By 1918, this was still an important role. However, the numbers of aircraft had increased enormously and so had the range of ways they were used.
  • Also by 1918, US, French and British aircraft greatly outnumbered German planes, which gave them freedom of the skies.
  • During rapid advances, aircraft delivered messages, ammunition and other supplies to advancing troops. Using radio, they could keep Haig and other commanders in touch with what was happening on the battlefield.
  • Aircraft also played an import role in disrupting German communications. They bombed communication trenches and slowed up reinforcements by machine-gunning them from the air.
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