Learning Curve, The Great War
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Transcript: Source6
'Gommecourt Wood', a poem by Private G Getley, 1917
(Catalogue ref: WO 95/2686)

Gommecourt Wood

On July the 1st the attack was made
On Gommecourt Wood by the Staffs Brigade
We did not care, nor did we fear
For we were as happy as men when they're full of beer.

Up "Derby Dyke" we went
Whizz-bangs and bullets the Germans sent
But on we went as brave could be
Certainly thinking it would be a victory.

On my way to my surprise I did see
A fellow with a "blighty" whose name was Bagley
Although he seemed cheerful and wished me good luck
I replied I can't come with you till that wood we have took.

The company runner I professed to be
Taking messages was then my duty
A message was given me so to headquarters I ran
It is always my motto to do the best I can.

So back to the boys I quickly made my way
Thinking every moment I should fall on the way
But as luck would have it I reached them alright
If I could only catch the Kaiser I'd burst his "bloomin" kite

Mr Machin got wounded the platoon officer was he
He led us into action as calm as could be
Sergt Spinks was then left in charge of the platoon
Although not fond of bacon he could always "scoff" pontoon

Many a brave hero fell
We did our duty though it was like being in hell
Good luck to the Staffords I wish them success
God bless them and grant them happiness.

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