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How has the Great War been remembered?

The Great War is one of the most important events in Britain's history. The heavy casualties left a huge psychological impact on the British people. They were determined to remember the men and women who served in the Great War.

This began with a Peace Parade in July 1919 and then a ceremony every year on Armistice Day. This was 11 November, the day the fighting ended. From 1919 onwards, many monuments, ceremonies and other memorials in different parts of the world have remembered the dead.

Acts of remembrance continue today. Armistice Day is now called Remembrance Day. At 11 am, people all over the country stand in silence to remember the dead of the Great War and all other wars.

The key question in this gallery is: How has the Great War been remembered?

This worksheet will help you plan your work and present your conclusions.

To help you investigate this question there are 2 case studies:
Remembering the Great War: Then Remembering the Great War: Now
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