Transcript: British Government document called 'The Programme for Film Propaganda' produced in January 1940

(Catalogue ref: INF 1/867)

The need for sacrifice if the fight is to be won.
This cannot be made "the subject of separate treatment but must be emphasised in certain of the foregoing: e,g, in I (a) (i) British character must be shown as capable of great sacrifices; in I (a) (ii) British institutions must be shown as having been won and retained by sacrifices; in I (a) (iii) the refugee films should show our sacrifices as trifling compared to the hardships suffered by a defeated people. The sections II (a) and (b) how Britain fights, must stress the sacrifices made by merchantmen, fishermen (as minesweepers) and, in documentaries, by railwaymen and all classes of workers. These sacrifices can be shown not as something which the Government is afraid to ask, and the public expected to resent, but as something to be accepted with courage and pride,