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The rise of the British empire - North America
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A request from the Twightwee Native Americans to the British government for weapons and supplies in 1752
(Catalogue ref: T 1/348/120)
  • The British and French both tried to establish control of as much of North America as possible. To do this they often allied with Native Americans, whom they called Indians.
  • In this source, it is clear that a British man called Thomas Bunney has close links with the Twightwee. He was probably the person who actually wrote this document, although the leaders of the Twightwee would have dictated it.
  • The Twightwee were also known as the Miami people. They occupied what are today the states of Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. They lived on the plains and mainly hunted buffalo.
  • The Twightwee were allies of the French and the British at different times during the rivalries over North America. However, from the 1750s they allied with the British, like most of the nations of the Ohio Valley.
  • A wampum was a Native American treaty. It was a belt made of beads, which was made to show that an agreement had been reached between two peoples. It was the same as a paper treaty.
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