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Extract from the Durham Report of 1839, which followed rebellions against British rule in Canada
(Catalogue ref: CO 42/299)
I have been unable to get any information whatever about the colony of Newfoundland except from public sources [sources anyone could use like newspapers]. The Assembly of that island intended to make an appeal to me over some differences they had with the Governor, stemming from a dispute with a judge. Probably because of the unreliable and slow means of communication between Quebec and that island, I heard no more on this or any other subject until after my arrival in England, when I received a letter expressing regret at my leaving. ......

So I know nothing of the state of things in Newfoundland, except that there is, and long has been, the usual colonial clash between the elected body representing the people on one side and the executive government on the other side. The elected representatives have no influence on the organisation or actions of the government. The dispute is now carried on, as in Canada, by the representatives trying to impeach [bring to court or try to remove from office] public officers and by the government temporarily ending the meetings of the parliament. I think that the causes of these disorders are the same constitutional problems as those I have pointed out in the rest of the North American colonies.
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