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What kind of ruler was Oliver Cromwell?

Case study 1: Cromwell in his own words - Source 1

Simplified transcript

An order from Cromwell to the officer in charge of the Tower of London, 1 December 1654

(W.C. Abbott (ed.), The writings and speeches of Oliver Cromwell, Vol. III, p.522. Published by Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1947)

To my trusty and well loved John Barkstead, Esquire, Lieutenant of the Tower of London

Oliver P.

I want you immediately to set free Theodore Naudin, John Jenkins, Roger Lee, Thomas Smith and Dutton, now prisoners under your charge in the Tower of London. You must make sure that all these persons appear when called before my Council at Whitehall within six months. They must not do anything against or harmful to me, or the Commonwealth, and it is your task to make sure of this.

Whitehall, 1st December 1654.