How can it be expected that the country
Constable, who is generally new to his office
every year, and who has little inclination to
meddle with characters who he is fearful to of-
fend, and who may do him some injury in his
business, either privately by false report, or
publicly by insult; how is it possible he can
fearlessly and faithfully do his duty? But,
should this not be the case, he will not, during
the short season of his being in office, reap
much benefit from experience; if he is called
into action, he is without knowledge how to
act against a set of men, who, from long prac-
tice in vice, know well how to use every art and
every stratagem to elude detection, and instead
of apprehension for crime, they evade the law,
until some incautious moment they commit
themselves and are detected, after a long series
of plunder on their neighbours and the public,
when the contrary would, in all probability, be
the consequence, if a small number of persons
was selected as permanent Police Officers.

…I do suggest that three men would be
sufficient for the county of Bedford.