James Beaumont and Alix Strachey with Lytton Strachey

Names (left to right): James Beaumont Strachey (1887-1967) and his wife Alix (née Sargant-Florence, 1892–1973) with James’ older brother Lytton under the parasol
Location: The garden at Ham Spray House
Year: 1928
Occupation(s): Writers
Photographer: Unknown

‘Ham Spray House was the home Lytton shared with Dora Carrington and Ralph Partridge, fellow members of the ‘Bloomsbury group’. James and Alix produced the benchmark English translation, the ‘Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud’, in 24 volumes between 1953 and 1966.’

With thanks to the Frances Partridge estate and the archives of King’s College, Cambridge.

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