Performance report on Evelyn Mackintosh dated June 30th 1918


Report on Officer WRNS WS91

Division: Scotland
Date – Half your endings: June 30 1918

Name of Officer: Mackintosh, Miss Evelyn Mary
Station where working: Inverness
Rank: Assist Principal, non administrative
Nature of work: Decoding and confidential transport work
(State whether Administrative or Non-Administrative)

Report on work

A. Character
1. in dealing with Ratings: Excellent
2. in dealing with other Officers: Excellent

B. Ability
1. Organising power: n/a
2. Business capacity: Excellent
3. Resourcefulness: Excellent
4. Mental Equipment: Excellent

C. Health

Special Qualifications or talents: Highly confidential and a much trusted member of Captain Rowley’s staff

Special Instances (if any) of resourcefulness or power of dealing with emergences: n/a

Other remarks: n/a

Do you consider her suitable for promotion? n/a
Do you consider her better suited for other kinds of work? n/a
If so of what nature? n/a

Signed Edith A May
Divisional Director WRNS

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