Letter of reference for Evelyn Mackintosh from Captain H.J. Rowley


From: the SHO
His Majesty’s Naval Base at Inverness
Date: 19th November 1918

To The Divisional Director for Scotland W.R.N.S.

Assistant Principal Evelyn Mackintosh (sen: 30/5/17) and Assistant Principal H.O. Turnball (sen: 24/12/15) both volunteer for foreign service at Bizerta, but neither has been employed in coding or de-coding. They read and write French easily, have an excellent record; and are thoroughly recommended. As regards filling these vacancies I should naturally like to promote from my own staff if this can be arranged.

(signed) H.J. Rowley, Captain, S.N.O. & D.N.T.O.

To the Director,

[Date stamped: WRNS 21 Nov 1918]

Forwarded for you information and action

Divisional Director for Scotland, WRNS

Divisional Headquarters,
54 Queen St.,
November 20th 1918

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