Evelyn Mackintosh's medical certificate


Women’s Royal Naval Service
13 Great Stanhope Street
London W1

Will you kindly fill up the following form of Medical Certificate, returning it to the address given above?

Your communication will be received as strictly confidential

Yours faithfully,
Katherine Furse
Director, W.R.N.S.

It is urgently requested that candidates’ names and address should be filled in legibly

Medical Certificate

1. Name of candidate in full: Evelyn Mary Mackintosh
2. Address: Drumalin, Inverness
3. How long have you been acquainted with her? Two years
    Have you attended her professionally? Yes
4. Is she intelligent and of active habits? Yes
5. General health: Good
6. Has she flat feet, hammer-toe, or any other defect? No
7. Is her vision good in each eye? Yes
8. Is her hearing perfect? Yes
9. Has she seemed teeth, and, if not, have they lately been properly attended to by a Dentist? Yes
10. Has she shown any tendency to Rheumatism, Anaemia, Tuberculosis, or other illness? No
11. When? n/a
What? N/a
12. Does she suffer from headaches? No
13. Any form of fits? No
14. Heart disease or varicose veins? No
15. Is she subject to any functional disturbances? No
16. Has she in recent years undergone any serious operation? No

I have on the 15th day of March, 1918 seen and thoroughly examined Evelyn Mary Mackintosh, and hereby certify that she is in good health, and that she is not labouring under any deformity, of any form of contagious disease, and is, in my opinion, both physically and mentally competent to undertake responsible duties under the Women’s Royal Naval Service.

Signed Kenneth Gillies [? illegible]
Address: 14 Ardross St, Inverness
Date 15/3/18

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