Mary Ann Brown's birth record. This document was obtained from the General Register Office Scotland. Birth 1883 RD 53 (Lairg) entry 30


Name and Surname: Mary-Ann Brown

When and Where Born: 1883 October 8th, 8 hrs, 0 mins, P.M. Balnadeilson Lairg

Sex. F

Name, Surname & Rank or Profession of Father: George Brown, Agricultural Labourer

Name and Maiden Surname of Mother: Mary Brown, M.S: Burnette

Date and Place of Marriage: 1878 December 31st, Millom, England

Signature and Qualification of Informant, and Residence, if out of the House when the Birth Occurred: George Brown, Father Present

When and Where Registered, and Signature of Registrar: October 20th at Lairg

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