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Extract from The London Gazette (TNA: ZJ 1/272)

Supplement to the London Gazette of Friday the 9th of May

Published by Authority

Saturday, May 10, 1851

Lord Chamberlain’s Office, May 9, 1851

CEREMONIAL observed at the STATE OPENING of the EXHIBITION of the WORKS OF INDUSTRY OF ALL NATIONS, on Thursday the 1st of May 1851

The holders of season tickets were admitted at all doors on the east, south and west of the Building, between the hours of nine and half past eleven o’clock, and took their places subject to police regulations, in the lower part of the Building, and in the galleries, except the parts railed on in the Nave and Transept.
Exhibitors’ attendants, who had been sanctioned by the Executive Committee, were admitted between the hours of eight and nine o’clock, at doors specified on their cards, and took their places by the counters or objects exhibited by their employers.
A Chair of State, raised on a platform and under a canopy, looking south, was placed at the north of the centre of the Transept.

Ceremonial: Plans or rules [for the opening of the Great Exhibition].
Lord Chamberlain: Important officer of the Queen’s household.
State opening: Royal opening of the Great Exhibition.
Season ticket: A ticket that can be used several times for an event, often sold at a cheaper price.
Nave: The central part of the building.
Transept: The part of the building crossing the central part of the building on either side.
Sanctioned: To have permission.
Canopy: A cloth covering, supported on poles or suspended above the royal chair.
Chair of state: The royal chair.

Simple Transcript

Extract from the London Gazette

What year did the Great Exhibition open in London?