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Delivering Welsh soldiers for the king

To our lord the Prince of Wales and his council: Roger Trumwyn, lieutenant of the Justice of North Wales, received your order to choose and array 250 spearmen and archers, and cause them to be led to Southampton, to be there on May 22. The order was received on May 15.

Roger sent to each of the sheriffs, ordering them to warn all the men previously chosen to be at Conwy on May 19, ready to take their wages and to march to Southampton.

The two counties of Caernarfon and Anglesey came obediently, and were inspected and arrayed and ready to march. The men from the county of Merioneth came to Conwy ferry and would not cross the ferry nor enter the town of Conwy to take their wages, but disobediently remained at the ferry, so that the march was delayed…The 250 men took their wages and set off for Southampton on May 20 from Conwy…

As for the men of the other lordships of North Wales, they will be ready whenever the order comes, except the lord of Powys, who will not obey the prince's orders. And the other lords make great noise, claiming that their men should not go out of their lordships before they have been paid… (21 May 1345)

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