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Choosing assize judges

Henry Townshend of Lincoln's Inn, an honest gent of good learning and substantial living. He was born in Norfolk, and by reason his father was Justice of Chester and of this council, he draws towards these parts and is a counsellor at assizes and sessions in the marches and well like of all men and zealous in religion. I know not a man of better disposition.

Richard Seborne: one of this council dwelling besides Hereford: an ancient sober gent of good wealth and living. He is thought not to be sound of religion.

James Boyle of Hereford: an honest learned gent, very sober and modest, and being a counsellor at the bar [i.e. in court], had over the best liking of the bench [the judges]. He has great wealth and fair living. He has both living and friends in the county of Radnor, and [is] therefore meeter for another circuit than there.

James Warnecombe of Leominster. An ancient gent, well learned, honest and of fair living and great wealth, and has served heretofore as deputy to Sir Robert Townshend, with great commendation. He is now grown corpulent and heavy, and somewhat given to surfeit with drink in the afternoon.

Mr Wetherall of Lincoln's Inn, Mr Kerle of Gray's Inn: Both light headed, of small discretion and accounted to be very covetous and dealers for interest, ill of religion. I know, and am privy to it, that these two are desirous to be made justices in Wales.

Mr Stevens of the Temple, lately preferred to be on of this council, as I hear reported (for I know him not) a plain soft man, of no great wealth and sickly, dwelling in Gloucestershire.

Edmund Walter, a man full of passion and rancour, a common drunkard and poor. He has been a practiser at the bar for these many years in the marches of Wales. I have heard the council several times of opinion to sequester him the bar [ban him from the court] for his intemperance.

Edward Davyes: a poor man and not well learned.

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