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Proposals for defeating the Scots

f. 195
Md of order and articles for the defence and common wealthe of Englond and waysting and distroying of Scotlande

Furste to avoide and expulte all scottes beggers and vacabundes furthe of Englond in to the realme of Scotland and to suffre none to come in to Englonde under high and extreme punysshment

Item that have any servauntes Scottes accordynge to the kinges statute to laye in sureties for theyre truthes And if those servauntes have any cummynge to theim froth of Scotland those cummers to be punysshed as vacabundes and the servauntes that they come and speaketh wt theim to be avoyded in to Scotlande

Item Garrisones to be layd endlonge the frontures of all the merches where most nede requireth and where they may ride every moneth ones into Scotlande And as the wardeyne shall thinke necessarye And the said garrisones to be in such nombre

Item foure wardeyn rodes to be made in the yere al the leyst withall the garrisones and all the merches at one tyme with suche ayde of the busshoprich and westmerlande as the wardens shall thinke necessary to do the thinge that they thinke expedient for the kinges maiesties honor

Item that no saulf conducte to be given but to such as be espialles ne no Scottes to come to there entres but by an order

Item that all maner of cornes by sea and by lande to be kepte in Englonde for arrivinge in Scotlande under highe penalties

Item that no Iron be caryed ne conveyed in to Scotlande furthe of the realme of Englonde and that in doinge they shall neyther have horseshoes nor plewe irons

Item that no mylnestones be caryed ne conveyed in to the realme of Scotlande furthe of Englonde and so theyre mylnes in Tevidale shall be waisted

f. 196
Item that the kinges graces navie to lie in the Furthe or there aboutes in tyme of warre and theyre vitailes to go frome holly Elande for there purveaunce that no ship of Scotlande shall have no passage in to other realmes for suche stuff as they shall wante And thus doinge one yere shall impoverisshe Scotlande What with nombre of people and for defaute of corne And that the garrisones shall kepe the bordures from sawinge and the hay and corne that is nowe the garrisones and wardeanes to burne so that the realme of Scotlande shallbe glad to yeve under and yealde theim and specially all theim on theis side the Furthe

Md that this order to be contynued one yere shall do doble asmoche harme unto Scotlande as the goinge of fourtye thousande men in an armye as I thinke

Item that foure warden courtes to be kept on every merche for punyshinge of traytors putting in execution the maynteners of Scottes and for tryinge of suche as breakethe orders made by kinges maiestie my Lorde Lieutenants and wardens and tryinge betwixt partie and partie

Item the chief commodities and livinge that the most parte of Scotlande have is by theis three thinges That is to say by there corne fishinge and there merchandise by seaAnd thenglishe ships lyinge in the Furthe as aforesaid shall not onely stoppe there viages by the sea with there merchandises but also suffre no fisshermen to fisshe upon the see costes And they may waiste and distroy all the fisshinge cobbles that belonge to the crekes of the same costes And takinge the fisshing from theim that dwelle upon the see costes the commen people there shall dye for hunger

f. 197
Item I thinke there is no grainges of corne on thisside the Furth of Scotland being such of a stronge holde but and it please the kinges maiestie they may be brente by Scottes men for reasonable money The chief tillage they have for multitude of corne is the Marse Lowdeane and Fyef The Marse may be distroyed by garrisons Lowdene to be brent by night for money as aforesaid Fief to be distroyed by landinge of the nombre of the men in the sayd Englisshe Navie

William Eure
(L&P, xviii [ii], no. 540)

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