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Proposals for defeating the Scots

In 1543 Sir William Eure, Captain of Berwick, set out some proposals for the defence of England and the 'distroying [sic] of Scotland'. Anti-Scottish measures in England included expulsion and restriction of Scots, and the punishment by the courts of those who supported the Scots in England. Communication across the border was to be strictly prevented. Trade between Scotland and England was to be disrupted and Scottish ports blockaded. In particular, the export to Scotland of iron (used for horseshoes and ploughs) and millstones was to be banned. Military measures were to include the destruction of farmland.

Eure estimated that such economic measures would have a greater effect within a year than an invading army of 40,000 men. These extreme proposals were not implemented, but the English invaded Scotland the following year and sacked Edinburgh.

Catalogue reference: SP 1/182 ff. 195-7

Proposals for defeating the Scots. Cat ref: SP 1/182
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