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The marriages of the Graham family

This impressive genealogy of the Grahams of Eskdale was compiled for Lord BurghleyGlossary term - opens in a pop-up window in May 1596. Burghley and his secretary have added their own comments on the loyalty and allegiance of particular individuals. The pedigree begins with Richard Graham of Netherby, who received his coat of arms and excellent grazing land in the Debateable LandGlossary term - opens in a pop-up window early in Henry VIII's reign. The marriages of his children and numerous other relatives are recorded in detail. Many married into Scottish families such as the equally notorious Armstrongs of Mangerton; others, who were English by descent, were obviously riding with Scottish border leaders such as Lord Buccleugh, Keeper of Liddlesdale. This document shows the time and effort English government officials spent trying to understand the complicated and confusing nature of life on the border.

Catalogue reference: SP 59/31, f. 170

The marriages of the Graham family. Cat ref: SP 59/31
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